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Today there's not a single person who doesn't know about the advantages Amazon Prime comes with. However, if you're completely unfamiliar with Amazon Prime or Amazon TV If so, you're at the correct spot. Once you have activated your subscription on you will be able to enjoy the numerous benefits that go along with it. "covid-19" .
As a Prime member you can enjoy a range of services that can simplify your life. For starters, every prime member is entitled to quick and free delivery of goods and unlimitted streaming videos. Additionally they also enjoy exclusive access to deals and discounts that are not available to non-prime members. If you'd like to enjoy the numerous benefits of Amazon Prime on your smart TV, go to to enable your membership.

Features of Amazon Prime
If you are Prime members is a great way to download the content offline for watching.
* You may also connect it to your iPad or iPhone and Chromecast.
* Users also have the ability to look up the IMDb information.
* You can stream shows directly to your smart TV with a compatible connection.


Make your own Amazon account to start

In order to begin using all the benefits of an Amazon membership, it's required to sign up for accounts on that platform. Users are offered the chance to establish an account prior to the time of activating their memberships. If you're already prepared for it ahead of time, it can be beneficial to you. How to set up an account on The following are the list:
1. In a web browser navigate to
2. You must now look for the option labeled"New to Amazon" or "New to Amazon".
3. After that, click"Create Account" and then click on the "Create Your Amazon Account" option.
4. In the form of registration you have to enter all of the necessary information.
5. Click"create an account" "create account" button to move on.
6. To verify your account You will be provided with an OTP at the given number.
7. Input this OTP for the next procedure.
8. You can also confirm your account by visiting Page for verification.
9. If you're paying for any subscriptions include your credit card information in addition.
After you've created and verified the authenticity of your Amazon accounts, you are able to begin the subscription. To start every service you require is activation of the device procedureWith the help of customers can quickly activate their subscriptions on smart TVs. This is how it follows

1. Open your phone and start the Play store. It will open the app store.
2. Add the Amazon Prime app to your Channel's list.
3. After you have successfully added the app after which you can begin to launch it.
4. Once you have done that then you will need to search for the option 'Register.
5. You will now be able to see the appearing displayed on the screen.
6. Take note of this code and then copy it onto your clipboard.
7. Visit on any device.
8. Log into your Amazon account using your login details.
9. Make sure you enter your Username and Password properly.
10. Then, you can enter the code you copied on the entry page.
Following the steps in the above section following the steps above, you'll be able to sign up for your subscription. If you are asked to choose the cable provider you are using and you are required to select it, complete that step as well.